Understand Your Dog Better: 10 Dog Behaviors Explained

Sure, you love your dog, but it’s still annoying when they get into the trash, jump all over your guests or bark incessantly at a squirrel. What’s behind these common dog behaviors? And how can you correct them? Read on to find out…

Dog behavior can be puzzling to both new and experienced dog owners. Our canine friends don’t operate with the same motivations as we do, so their actions don’t always make sense to us.

Still, if your pets are behaving badly, you’ll want to correct them. To do that, you need to understand what’s behind your dog’s behavior.

Remember that a dog is a pack animal, and they see themselves as part of your pack.

Once you cater to their whim and let them lead, you become part of their pack and they become the alpha dog.

These common dog behaviors are easily trained out of a dog, so don’t be alarmed if they’re present in your puppy.

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