Top 10 All-Time Favorite Cookie Recipes

Molasses Ginger Cookies

Those with a more nuanced taste for desserts and a slightly spicy kick will adore this recipe which is studded with ginger and robust but subtle flavors. They even freeze well if you want to make a huge batch to spread out over time.

Fluffy Frosted Eggnog Cookies (vegan)

Eggnog is delicious in flavor, but some don’t like the thick and syrupy texture as a beverage. But don’t worry, they’re fool proof as cookies. These iced eggnog cookies are made with healthy ingredients and coconut milk eggnog, but will convert even the biggest eggnog skeptics.

Christmas Lights Cookies

While the rest of the cookies on this list were chosen for their tastebud exploding abilities, these cookies, while still delicious, were chosen more for aesthetic purposes. Why make boring snowmen or snowflake cookies when you can make these chic but simple Christmas light looks made adorable by M&Ms.

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