The best and Easy Ways to Look more Younger

From clothing and shoe choices to sleep and even sex habits, you may be adding years to your looks. These quick fixes may help.

Wear the right glasses

Eye glasses in a store

According to a survey conducted by Jacksonville University researchers, wearing glasses in general increases how old people think you are. For those who need to wear them, investing in a nice pair that frame your face could take years off your look. Cat’s eye frames are especially known to make people look younger by lifting the face, while aviators negatively focus attention downward.

Swap out your orthopaedic shoes

Gray sport shoes with orthopedic insoles. Wooden background.

Sacrificing style for comfort by wearing orthopaedics is an easy way to look older, but you can have both by wearing a orthopaedics and more chic shoes

Wear the right bra

Women underwear bra and tape measure, breast loss concept, measuring bust

An appropriately fitted bra is essential, no matter your age. Finding the right fit not only provides comfort, but also has a slimming effect. An ill-fitting bra with straps that dig into the skin or too-tight cups that cause flesh to bubble up can make you look as though you’re wearing old, outdated, or super-worn garments.

Work on your posture

Handsome man working on project at modern office desk

Not only can poor posture lead to headaches, neck pain, and breathing problems but it can also make you look older. Slouching in your chair or hunching over your computer are just two ways you might already be practicing bad posture. Sitting up straight and checking your posture throughout the day are two easy ways to look younger and more confident.

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