best 3 chocolate smoothie

Last Update : Sunday 16 September 2018 - 3:13 PM

Smoothies are becoming very popular in a generation that is slowly becoming much aware of its benefits. This is a vitamin-packed drink which is as healthy and nutritious as a drink would get. The smoothie is basically the real deal, characterized by richness in fiber and roughage that lacks in many other drinks.  THE CHOCOLATE EFFECT.  Chocolate has become one of the favorite and most popular flavors in the world, hence its consistent usage in many beverages across the world. Its sweetness and warm brownness evokes pleasurable craving that definitely ticks it as one of the best flavor.  There are 3 very popular chocolate smoothies that are constantly being blended across restaurants and homes.  CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIES  There are basic requirements to preparing the chocolate smoothie, fast and efficiently. This includes;  ·    Blender: A good blender should achieve that smooth consistency in your smoothie.  ·    Fresh or frozen fruit.   ·    Chocolate ice cream.  ·    Ice cubes.  ·    The base liquid. In this case, preferably chocolate milk.  ·    Flavor, sweetener, some green and ice cubes are very common optional additives.  The following are the basic ingredients in the respective smoothies. It’s important to have your ingredients well set on the table. In this case, the ingredient is one glass serving of the smoothie.


Ingredients  1 frozen banana  1 Tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder  1 ice cube  cup Chocolate Soy Milk  1 tablespoon of honey.  Whipped cream and sprinkles (optional)  Directions  ·    Pour milk into your blender jar.  ·    Add your chopped banana.  ·    Pour the rest of the ingredients into the blender.  ·    Blend to smoothness with no banana chunks.   ·    Poor your smoothie into a glass, enhance it with chocolate flakes and serve while chilled.